book wall kids room green
book wall in kids room
book wall in monochrome boys room

You know I love them! You've seen them in nearly all of the rooms that I create and in nurseries and kids' rooms around the walls are absolutely art for your children's rooms!

In this post, I wanted to share how amazing book walls look, how versatile they are for you and your kids, how to create one that will work perfectly in your own child's room and where to find some of the key shelves that you see on popular blogs and magazines to use on your own.

book wall in toddler boy room

One of the best things about book walls is the versatility; they can be used purely for books or for display of toys which can be rotated or special items for play. These ledges provide open access for your children and encourage reaching for a book or toy, whichever is placed at their height. I also love how special (or expensive) books can be stored out of reach, allowing the parents to choose which books get chewed on or read most.

book wall in neutral toddler room

The key is to mount them with enough space for your tallest books. I like to space them between 15-17" apart vertically, allowing space for books and for your eye to have a bit of white space. Make sure to hit a stud in the wall or use an anchor to ensure that when kids pull on the ledge, it won't budge. 

Ubabub book wall in baby girl nursery

When I specify book walls for clients, I have specific go-to sources, which I've listed below especially for you! I love the way the clear acrylic shelves from Ubabub help to highlight the beauty of the book covers and how these tiny white shelves help to fit into small spaces. 

book ledges or shelves for kids room

01.// White picture ledge; 02.// Dark book ledge; 03.// Wooden bookshelves; 04.// Gold book ledge; 05.// Clear acrylic shelf; 06.// Grey book ledge; 07.// Dark book ledge; 08.// Tiny book ledge.

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