1. Happy Monday! A week after we arrived back from Australia and I've been reflecting on what I saw while I was there (apart from the sun!). I love spotting different trends that are happening in other places and couldn't help but notice how popular graphic shaped objects are. Such a fun and easy thing to include in kid's spaces! Here are a few pieces I love.

2. Juggling motherhood and working is a constant battle!!! I run a small business, want to be at as many things as possible for my kids, am hands on in daily happenings (meals, driving, etc.), try to include creative activities in our art space, love my kids, my work, my life but often feel pulled in a million different directions! Anyone else? HOW DO YOU FIND BALANCE??! (please leave me ideas or what works for you in comments below).

Melissa working

3. We have been reading the sweetest series of chapter books for kids by Kallie George, a local Vancouver author. So far books 1 & 2 have won over our 6-year-old twins (and me!) and I have ordered the 3rd book which is being released this week! The 4th book looks like it's coming out this summer and it will definitely make our summer reading list. Highly recommend this sweet series!

4. One day somehow I need to have an indoor swing for kids. How amazing is this gorgeous swing?!!!

indoor swing for kids

Photo by Connection Photography

5. Yesterday felt like Spring and the sun seemed to give everyone a burst of joy. Let's hope it stays that way all week. Here's a thought for the week.

quote about gratefulness