That warm sunshine through your windows is quite literally happiness for the soul, but as the days shorten, lighting up the inside of our homes is the next best thing. When thinking about ways to add light to your nursery, children's rooms, or playroom, consider one (or more!) of these six key ways to light up the space.

1. Make use of overhead light

There are SO many beautiful pendant lights to choose from and many allow for a dimmer switch, sometimes making this the only light you actually need to add to a child's room. I love this pretty feather pendant from Ella's room.

Ella's pink and gold toddler girl room

2. Use a floor lamp

Simple for kids to switch on and off and handy if next to a rocking chair for reading, a floor lamp can provide task lighting as well as overall ambience. This budget friendly tripod lamp is sturdy and looks pretty too. 

floor lamp in living room

3. Install wall sconces

Use wall sconces for a high-end look that provides just the lighting you need in the exact position you'd like it. I love using wall sconces above kids beds, especially where there isn't space for other options, like in Rafa and Leo's room below. 

shared neutral baby and toddler room

4. Use a night light

I've shared some of my favourite night lights before and I love to include them in the rooms I design. So many kids love having a little light they have control over turning off and on themselves and they are handy in a nursery to ensure you can see what you are doing in those mid-night changes! This rocket nightlight is from Etsy.

rocket night light in kids room

5. Use string lights

Lights on a string come in so many ways, that the options are limitless. I love the bright ball lights, fairy lights, star lights, you name it. They are practical and add such a soft touch for calm light and decor on a wall or draped over a book wall. 

fairy lights with moon and star
star lights over a book wall

6. Use a table lamp

Table lamp or task lamps can provide just the light you need for a change table in a baby room, a little light in a toddler room or on a desk as children get older. I love pieces that carry through from baby to teen and a solid table lamp will do just that.

dresser and mirror in girls room

I like to include at least two of these ways in each room that I decorate so that there are a couple of options for providing the light you might need. An overhead light and a night light will work in many cases, but ambience lighting in the form of a lamp is almost always welcome too.