It’s Friday and that means we can all breathe a little easier knowing that the weekend is just around the corner. While it means full on kid mode for most of us, it’s also a time that our little ones play in the environment that they usually feel most comfortable; home.

Sometimes, by creating special little nooks or finding a new area to play helps while away the hours a little more easily. These unique spots to add toys either come about for function (there is no other space in the house!) or just for magical fun…either way, here are some of my favourite unique kids nooks that create the dreamiest environments for children’s play.

A Secret Room:

Yes, really! This dreamy little play nook WITH A SKYLIGHT is located behind a bookcase and houses one of the cutest play kitchens of all time.

Source: Emily Henderson

Playspace Under the Stairs:

It’s really such a great use of space! Add a few of these ice cream decals, and you have a playroom for the littles.

Under stair children’s playhouse

Source: Pinterest

Secret kids playroom under stairs

Source: Von Fitz Design

Attic Playspace

Adding skylights to an attic opens the whole space up to so many possibilities. This play area is the perfect place to whittle away house while the sun shines in.

A light-filled attic children’s playroom

Source: Pinterest