kids desk setup
 children's homework desk area

To create a homework station in your own home, you really only need a few basic things:

  1. A table or desk;
  2. A chair;
  3. Some type of light (either natural or a lamp); and
  4. Basic supplies (pens, pencil, eraser, scissors, tape, etc).

As with any space, creating an organized and inviting area to tackle tasks, such as homework, is key for kids. I love to think that it’s a great starting point for staying organized through life, that good habits start early and that making it fun goes a long way to making kids work hard too!

For younger kids, I love to put a desk next to a reading corner. Reading is one of our favourite ways to learn and it's handy to go from sitting on a chair to a more cozy and casual floor area where we can snuggle and read. For us, our only homework for Kindergarten was to read to our kids. I also love to keep a few books and toys nearby for those frustrating moments when everyone needs a break. It’s a great time to connect and reset.

 dream big sign on kids homework desk

I like to think about ergonomics when setting up a desk. Make sure that the child fits correctly with feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle. The desk surface should be 2-3 inches above their elbow when bent.

If you can, put the desk near natural light. Looking out a window is helpful to rest little eyes as well as enhance productivity. If this is not possible, a lamp works well too. 

Keeping basic supplies handy ensures the child can focus on the task at hand. We like to keep supplies minimal and tidy, such as a pencil, pens, stapler, tape, scissors and paper clips and add in any other supplies when they are needed for the homework.

 art above desk

The final touch is adding a few fun pieces like inspirational quotes, art and even a plant. Using little extras like a chalkboard or letterboard is a great way to keep key reminders close at hand.

Setting up an ergonomic environment, with comfortable surroundings and inspiring extras helps to make the space feel cozy and inviting, hopefully encouraging kids (and you!) to enjoy their homework time as much as possible.



 Nursery chair reading corner

photo from Nayviah's room

Two words: reading corner! As a Mom and in creating designs for clients, I love when I get asked for a reading corner. There is something so magical about what happens over the years here; snuggles, night time feeds, those eye gazing stares with your little one (my favourite!) and lots of stories.

 neutral reading corner in children's rooms

photo from Xavier's room

 Miles room reading corner designed by Winter Daisy Interiors

photos from Miles' room

There are really only only a few things you need to create a corner like the ones you see here.

1. A good chair is an essential in a baby room; this chair should be comfortable for whoever will be up during the night with baby and I always recommend either a pouf for a footrest or a chair with a built in footrest. Putting your tired feet up should be make as easy as possible.

2. A pillow! This might not seem like a necessity but a small pillow seems to aways come in handy for relieving a sore back or even resting baby's head.

3. A blanket is handy to have to cover cold toes or even to wipe up spilled milk in emergencies!

3. Somewhere to rest a drink / lip balm / cloth. This can either be a side table if you have the space or, as in Miles' room above, the window toy storage acts as a surface for a drink due to the low height of the chair, which in this case was the perfect fit for Mom.

4. A book shelf doesn't have to be big, in fact, even a floor basket would work if the walls above don't. The idea is that books are accessible and will therefore get pulled out and read regularly.

5. A dim light (optional). While some people think a night light or lamp next to the chair is an essential, I have found that many clients prefer to have a dimmer switch for the overhead light that they can turn off when they leave the room. Either way, some form of lighting is a great addition.

6. Last, but not least, books! Reading to your little one can start even before birth; we have read at all different times of the day throughout the years but it has always been a daily special pre-bed activity that we all look forward to. 


 DIY giant pegboard for kids art studio in vancouver, canada

Since posting our kids creative art space, I've been asked countless times where we found the giant pegboard! 

We didn't buy these pegboards but had them made especially for the space. Instead of replying to each one of you, I thought writing a short post explaining our process could help all of you if you are interested in creating this look for your own home.

I started by using this amazing tutorial and modified it by adding a second board behind the first so that we could have shelves that hold much more weight, as you can see in the photo below.

Once the wood was purchased and cut (thanks Home Depot!), the next step was marking out where the holes would go and we did this with a black Sharpie marker and level. I decided on making the holes 4 inches apart and at least 2 inches from each edge and ensured the top holes were started at the same point on each board (so that it would look right to the eye once mounted).

With two boards, it allows the dowel to go through both boards and will therefore hold more weight. I also wanted a way to know if the kids had pulled a dowel out without the entire shelf falling to the floor. So far, nothing has moved an inch so it seems the boards are very solid yet still appear streamlined!

 DIY giant pegboard in kids art studio vancouver, canada

The boards are quite heavy and so the back board is drilled into a stud in at least one place on each pegboard and the front board is drilled onto the back board with a small piece of wood between to allow a bit of space and provide extra strength. All boards are sitting on a 2x4 at the bottom behind the storage drawers to add an extra support.

If you have any questions at all, please add them to the comments and I will answer them there!

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