A little gift guide for kids with items that kids will love and look great in your home too! Last month, I shared my favourites from Etsy and then last week shared our favourite holiday books. These picks are toys we love or are on our list. As we all know, what our children truly want is our time, energy and love. That and more food than I ever imagined, HA! If you are like me and feel your kids have all that they need, please use this guide simply as suggestions of fun ideas you can give to friends or family who insist on buying something for your kiddos. There are prices ranging from $15 - $275 so hopefully everyone can find something that suits what they are looking for. Please note all items below can reach you before Christmas if you order today (some even later)!

Gift Guide for Kids 2017

01. // Soft Doll; 02. // Cloud Rug; 03. // Pull Bunny; 04. // Translucent Magnatiles; 05. // Wood Tetris; 06. // Lamb Pillow; 07. // Castle Blocks; 08. // Hazel Bunny; 09. // Robot Clock; 10. // Cool Speedster; 11. // Art Subscription; 12. // Mini Guitar; 13. // Puppet Theatre.