Tap the Magic tree kids book on shelf

Books that spark the imagination always stand out for me as a Mom. I adore Tap the Magic Tree for the creativity, beautiful illustrations and for the different way it presents a simple concept of seasons. This book is engaging, truly magical and is one of our favourite books that comes out over and over again. 

Kids reading Tap the Magic Tree together

The kids love this book for the fun way it engages them through interaction. Tap the magic tree ignites children's imaginations by asking for their involvement (brushes, taps and blows, etc.) and tells the journey of a tree through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

bookshelf in kids playroom

We have books all over our house; in the kids room, in the playroom and books seem to seep into our living room too! Although we read daily each evening before bed, I try to find other times to sneak in books too. Now that the girls are in school, I love picking up a book and reading together once we get home from preschool and school pickups and before dinner. I find it's a great way to reconnect and sit together. When do you read with your little ones? 

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