kids desk setup
children's homework desk area

To create a homework station in your own home, you really only need a few basic things:

  1. A table or desk;
  2. A chair;
  3. Some type of light (either natural or a lamp); and
  4. Basic supplies (pens, pencil, eraser, scissors, tape, etc).

As with any space, creating an organized and inviting area to tackle tasks, such as homework, is key for kids. I love to think that it’s a great starting point for staying organized through life, that good habits start early and that making it fun goes a long way to making kids work hard too!

For younger kids, I love to put a desk next to a reading corner. Reading is one of our favourite ways to learn and it's handy to go from sitting on a chair to a more cozy and casual floor area where we can snuggle and read. For us, our only homework for Kindergarten was to read to our kids. I also love to keep a few books and toys nearby for those frustrating moments when everyone needs a break. It’s a great time to connect and reset.

dream big sign on kids homework desk

I like to think about ergonomics when setting up a desk. Make sure that the child fits correctly with feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle. The desk surface should be 2-3 inches above their elbow when bent.

If you can, put the desk near natural light. Looking out a window is helpful to rest little eyes as well as enhance productivity. If this is not possible, a lamp works well too. 

Keeping basic supplies handy ensures the child can focus on the task at hand. We like to keep supplies minimal and tidy, such as a pencil, pens, stapler, tape, scissors and paper clips and add in any other supplies when they are needed for the homework.

art above desk

The final touch is adding a few fun pieces like inspirational quotes, art and even a plant. Using little extras like a chalkboard or letterboard is a great way to keep key reminders close at hand.

Setting up an ergonomic environment, with comfortable surroundings and inspiring extras helps to make the space feel cozy and inviting, hopefully encouraging kids (and you!) to enjoy their homework time as much as possible.