Nursery chair reading corner

photo from Nayviah's room

Two words: reading corner! As a Mom and in creating designs for clients, I love when I get asked for a reading corner. There is something so magical about what happens over the years here; snuggles, night time feeds, those eye gazing stares with your little one (my favourite!) and lots of stories.

neutral reading corner in children's rooms

photo from Xavier's room

Miles room reading corner designed by Winter Daisy Interiors

photos from Miles' room

There are really only only a few things you need to create a corner like the ones you see here.

1. A good chair is an essential in a baby room; this chair should be comfortable for whoever will be up during the night with baby and I always recommend either a pouf for a footrest or a chair with a built in footrest. Putting your tired feet up should be make as easy as possible.

2. A pillow! This might not seem like a necessity but a small pillow seems to aways come in handy for relieving a sore back or even resting baby's head.

3. A blanket is handy to have to cover cold toes or even to wipe up spilled milk in emergencies!

3. Somewhere to rest a drink / lip balm / cloth. This can either be a side table if you have the space or, as in Miles' room above, the window toy storage acts as a surface for a drink due to the low height of the chair, which in this case was the perfect fit for Mom.

4. A book shelf doesn't have to be big, in fact, even a floor basket would work if the walls above don't. The idea is that books are accessible and will therefore get pulled out and read regularly.

5. A dim light (optional). While some people think a night light or lamp next to the chair is an essential, I have found that many clients prefer to have a dimmer switch for the overhead light that they can turn off when they leave the room. Either way, some form of lighting is a great addition.

6. Last, but not least, books! Reading to your little one can start even before birth; we have read at all different times of the day throughout the years but it has always been a daily special pre-bed activity that we all look forward to.