1. The weekend flew by! We stayed home, felt the sun warm our faces, watched the Vancouver marathon, hung out with friends and let the kids run amok most of the time. It was wonderful!

2. I've been dying to get our kids a hanging chair. I grew up with one in our house and have vivid memories of whittling away summer afternoons swinging in it. The window view in this dreamy girls room is all sorts of beautiful and that chair is the icing on the cake.

hanging chair in girls room

Photo via Lottie is Loving

3. Speaking of hanging chairs, these are my three top runners.

4. Keeping life (and our kids toys) organized is a constant battle. I love how simple but totally effective this storage unit is.

boys room bookcase

Photo via Studio McGee

5. If you've ever wondered what happens when kids have the run of the house (our house, this weekend) including open access to the art studio...this is where it can end up!

paint covered kid

Happy Monday friends!