1. I love discovering new kids art and I think this pressed flower art might be one of my favourites above a crib in a baby nursery. Also, this nursery is just gorgeous!

pressed flower art above crib in baby nursery

Design by Megan Bachmann

2. We survived (& had fun on!) our first ever camping trip with the kids:) Thank you to those who commented on IG last week with encouragement and well wishes, it was very much appreciated. The family tent that we bought turned out to be AMAZING; it is 6'6" tall so my husband and I could fully stand up in it, which is a game changer for anyone with back issues or who just wants to feel like you are in a room, not a tent. The kids had so much fun, they are already asking when we can go again.

Kids with Kodiak Canvas family tent

3. This playroom has me inspired. I just love how the giant chalkboard and symmetrical shelving units anchor the whole space. Those storage baskets are perfect for keeping toys and art hidden too.

Sophisticated Playroom.jpg

4. If you've been following along for a while, you'll know how much our family loves nature and outdoor adventures. On the weekend, we had the chance to visit Cathedral Grove, an ancient ecosystem of Douglas fir trees, with enormous trees dating 300 - 800 years old. I highly recommend stopping here if you are ever on Vancouver Island.

cathedral grove british columbia canada

5. A couple of years ago, I made a photo book to capture some of our summer pictures. I plan to do the same again this year. The kids love looking back at our adventures and I love knowing that at least a tiny part of their childhood is captured for us to remember. Do you do this too?