If it’s seemed like I’ve been on hiatus, nothing could be further from reality! In the midst of a VERY busy month, yes, I’ve blogged less. But, I’m still here.

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Amidst everyday life of running a business and being a present Mom, we’re currently in the middle of packing up our house of 8 years, doing a refresh on the little rental house that we’re moving into and slowly getting move-in ready! At the moment, there isn’t one ‘finished’ room so it feels a little hectic! The exciting thing is that there will be a few ‘before and afters’ to share here on the blog and hopefully the afters will provide our family a home that we’ll be settled into in only a few more weeks.

As always, thank you for your continued support during this extra busy time.



Just another manic Monday…

1. There’s no where I’d rather be than cozied up in a corner just like this with a good book and a little one to snuggle…it IS Monday after all! The best thing is that the chaise that’s used for a reading nook converts to a queen bed. Genius!

 soft + cozy nursery corner
 book wall in baby nursery

via 100 Layer Cakelet

2. I spent the entire day on Sunday in home decor shops and I feel like I could give you a run down of every item available in Vancouver, ha!

3. Speaking of shopping, I’ve been looking for alarm clocks for the kids and these ones are my favourite contenders so far. I should say, I am looking an analog alarm clock for each kids’ room so that we can learn to read a clock together. I’m having a hard time finding anything amazing and FUN for the girls but this robot is hands down the winner for Xavier.

4. Today the Baker playroom is being photographed! I’m excited to share a little behind the scenes over on IG stories if you follow me there. If you don’t, come join the fun and follow me on Instagram!

5. Leaving you with the prettiest nursery; if you have the chance, head over and see the whole space. The wallpaper is so lovely!

 white iron crib in baby nursery with wallpaper

Design by Whitney Blake


They say that home is where your heart is and I believe this is completely true. For me, that means comfort, playfulness, support, love and moments of happiness when you need them most. Home is mainly the people you love, but creating a house that aligns with these feelings and qualities is something I have always loved doing. Last week, I shared Xavier’s big boy room and today, I’m so excited to share a glimpse into our family friendly living room!

 Vancouver Interior Designer and Blogger Melissa Barling jumping on couch in living room
 A family friendly living room design with round coffee table by Winter Daisy Interiors

This is a space that gets used by everyone. Forts are built, games are played and at the end of the day it’s a quick and easy room to clean up and look presentable.

The sectional is perfect for family movie nights and pillow fights too. It took a few years before we decided to buy a coffee table again and when we did, we chose a round one so that there weren’t any sharp corners for the kids (or us!) to run into.

The gallery wall is a random selection of both frames and art. Most are paintings that either I or the kids have done and there are also random materials from past travels. I always thought it would be a temporary display, but reality is that art doesn’t get changed in our house too often so it’s been up there for years!

 Mom and minis cuddling in living room

While we don’t have fresh blooms on the table all the time, it sure is lovely when we do!

 hydrangeas in vase on coffee table
 A soft and neutral living room in the home of Vancouver Interior Designer Melissa Barling of Winter Daisy Interiors