Are you expecting? There's so much to get ready for apart from the baby's nursery, take a cue from these gorgeous baby nurseries that are totally on trend for the new year.

We love the use of vintage bassinets for a first baby bed and still can't get enough of THIS CANOPY!

Nursery bassinet

Design by Johanna Bradford

Not sure where to start? Metallic side table, extra sized art, statement wallpaper...YES! 

big art in nursery

Design by Emily Henderson

Tight on space? A baby and a toddler can live harmoniously (most of the time!) and I still love how we made it work with THIS MODERN CRIB! A special mobile above the crib is a lovely touch too.

Vancouver shared baby and toddler room

From Rafa + Leo's Shared Room

Texture and natural materials will still be going strong through 2018 and this nursery absolutely nails both!

baby nursery

Design by Sharon Montrose


Melissa at work

Helloooo and happy 2018!!! After the longest break since starting WINTER DAISY, the blog is back and I can't wait to share what's in store over the coming months (our first room reveal of 2018 next week!).

I'm currently on holiday in Australia and am here with my family for a couple more weeks, so while the blog is back, you can still catch our everyday adventures and some of the highlights of what we're up to over on Instagram (particularly in stories). I won't lie; it's been so lovely to take some time away, get a dose of sunshine and warmth, and feel refreshed knowing it's not long until we're back in the rain and cold (and back to everyday life!).

This year I didn't set any big New Year's resolutions but instead thought about everyday intentions: to live more in the moment, appreciate the beauty in our everyday chaos, inspire my own family, learn new things, be more patient to share a few. 

I also want to learn more about YOU!!! Do you set resolutions? Have you taken steps to achieve them yet? Any that are focused around your home or kids? Tell me one in the comments below!

Melissa Signature.png


family photo 2017

Photo by Amanda Haddow Photography

Just like that...another year comes to a close. WINTER DAISY will be closed through the end of this year and will be back January 15th, 2018.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your kids spaces over the holiday, please sit back and read some of my favourite posts from this year!!!


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Décor for Kids Rooms:

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2017 has been such a great year juggling the blog, designing client spaces and being a hands on Mama to my three little ones. I can't wait to show you some of the spaces that are in their final stages that I will be revealing next year. As always, thank you so much for being here! Happy holidays from our family to yours; I hope you enjoy celebrating in whatever way makes you happy. 

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