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I’ve held off sharing my story about how my business started, mainly because I am no where near where I hope to be one day! I’ve learned though, that it really doesn’t matter; we are all just living our own journeys at our own pace.

Winter Daisy started when I was laying on the couch (for weeks!) while pregnant with my identical twin girls. I couldn’t find a designer devoted to children’s spaces and knew there was no way I could finish their nursery myself (I could barely move). The lightbulb clicked on and I knew there must be others out there who, like me, didn’t have the ability or time to get their kids rooms finished in the way they wanted to.

Fast forward a few years(!), then working back at my job as a Management Consultant, and decorating any space I could on the side, to finally realize the time was right. I wanted my children to see me working in a role that I LOVED and where my time away from there felt purposeful. My son was born 23 months after our twins and when my son was two, I left my corporate job and launched Winter Daisy!

I am so thankful to have you here and absolutely LOVE designing dreamy spaces for the little ones in our lives.


Merry Christmas 2018

The time has come to say goodbye to another year and I look back at 2018 with so many wonderful moments! Grateful, as always, for my amazing clients and also to my readers for your continued support of my work and the blog. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

I will be taking a break with my family and will be back here on the blog the week of January 7th.

Happy holidays everyone!

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If it’s seemed like I’ve been on hiatus, nothing could be further from reality! In the midst of a VERY busy month, yes, I’ve blogged less. But, I’m still here.

melissa working blog.jpg

Amidst everyday life of running a business and being a present Mom, we’re currently in the middle of packing up our house of 8 years, doing a refresh on the little rental house that we’re moving into and slowly getting move-in ready! At the moment, there isn’t one ‘finished’ room so it feels a little hectic! The exciting thing is that there will be a few ‘before and afters’ to share here on the blog and hopefully the afters will provide our family a home that we’ll be settled into in only a few more weeks.

As always, thank you for your continued support during this extra busy time.



kids lemonade stand ikea hack

It's Wednesday, the forecast is sunshine here in Vancouver and I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the weekend. For our friends in the US, summer break has already started and for us here, there is only another week to go!!! Over the summer, this blog changes a bit to focus more on lifestyle content and less on client projects. 

With this in mind...I'd love to know what you'd like to read and see!!! I'm asking for your help in giving your input. Do you come here just for pretty pictures of kids' spaces and inspiration for your own kids' rooms? Or do you come for ideas about products, children's style, book ideas and general fun stuff to make and do with your kids? What would you like to see more of? Less of? 

Do you like to read the blog and come back for reference or is a quick break (and a quick read) more your thing? 

Do you want to see more how to's? Videos? Q + A's? I'm open to all of this!!!

Please leave me a comment below, email me ( if you'd rather let me know privately or send me a DM on Instagram. Your help is so, SO much appreciated to help guide the direction of the blog and ensure we are creating content that you want to come back for!!!

A big thank you to all who take the time to answer any of these questions with your thoughts,