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It's Wednesday, the forecast is sunshine here in Vancouver and I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the weekend. For our friends in the US, summer break has already started and for us here, there is only another week to go!!! Over the summer, this blog changes a bit to focus more on lifestyle content and less on client projects. 

With this in mind...I'd love to know what you'd like to read and see!!! I'm asking for your help in giving your input. Do you come here just for pretty pictures of kids' spaces and inspiration for your own kids' rooms? Or do you come for ideas about products, children's style, book ideas and general fun stuff to make and do with your kids? What would you like to see more of? Less of? 

Do you like to read the blog and come back for reference or is a quick break (and a quick read) more your thing? 

Do you want to see more how to's? Videos? Q + A's? I'm open to all of this!!!

Please leave me a comment below, email me (info@winterdaisy.com) if you'd rather let me know privately or send me a DM on Instagram. Your help is so, SO much appreciated to help guide the direction of the blog and ensure we are creating content that you want to come back for!!!

A big thank you to all who take the time to answer any of these questions with your thoughts,



 Oeuf bookshelf for kids 

I think we can all agree that kids toys tend to get a bad rap. This post is about to change all that! Known for their impossibly bright colours and often less-than-subtle design, kids toys can become an eyesore in your living space as they find their way outside the playroom (if you are lucky enough to have one).

But friends, it doesn’t have to be that way. Constantly hiding toys doesn’t have to be the norm. Believe it or not, you’ll find quite a few beautiful pieces for your kids if you look in just the right places. I’m talking toys you’ll actually want to leave out when guests stop over. And toys that blend with your design aesthetic in the most seamless fashion.

Where do you find these unicorn toys, you ask? They’re right here in my roundup sorted by colour to suit every taste and style.

Browse for your favourites, PIN THEM and kiss those toy battles goodbye.


 natural wood toys in kids room

Note to all design-savvy parents: you can never go wrong with natural wood. Whether it’s baby teethers, toddler blocks, or big kid puzzles, wood tones complement any color palette and provide a timeless sense of style. I also love that you can pass these down for generations to come.

 natural wooden toys for babies and kids

01. // Riga Roo Rocker; 02. // Tegu Magbot; 03. // Hippo Ride On; 04. // Stacking Wheels Toy; 05. // Percussion Set; 06. // KEVA; 07. // Puzzle; 08. // Mozartkugel Music Box; 09. // Castle Box; 10. // Goose Toy Figure; 11. // Doll House; 12. // Cubebot; 13. //  Story Car 14. // Baby Teethers.


 muted pink girls room

I love colour, especially in tones that blend with our own home decor. Strike just the right balance with muted tones like soft pinks, blues, yellows and greens for a look that feels tasteful yet fun.

 Pastel hued toys for kids

01. // Silicone Rattle; 02. // Pastel Blocks; 03. // Mouse Soft Toy; 04. // Superhero Mouse; 05. // Porcelain Tea Set; 06. // Giraffe; 07. // Jamm Scoot; 08. // Gallop Horse; 09. // City Blocks; 10. // Rabbit Hand Puppet; 11. // School Bus; 12. // Tool Bench; 13. // Rainbow Tunnel; 14. // Tea Trolley; 15. // Baking Playset.


A favourite for a reason, black is the toy tone that brings a modern touch to any room. Not only will the clean lines of black and white toys add visual interest, but the high contrast combo is particularly great for developing babies.  

 dream big and nesting dolls in vancouver kids room

 black coloured toys for kids

01. // Nesting Dolls; 02. // Stacking Game; 03. // Wood Teether; 04. // Rocking Donkey; 05. // Tool Playset; 06. // Tambourine; 07. // Polar Bear; 08. // Stacking Tunnel; 09. // Building Blocks; 10. // Rocking Horse; 11. // Contrast Art Cards; 12. // Ricepapa Plush; 13. // Activity Mat; 14. // Teether Toy; 15. // Teepee.


 canvas teepee in children's playroom

Nothing adds to a room’s light and airy appearance like white-toned accessories—toys included. Don’t be afraid to hunt around for your little ones’ favorite playtime pieces in their colorless counterpart. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find white toys add some much-needed calm to chaotic kid spaces.

 White toys for kids

01. // Rocking Horse; 02. // Wooden Camera; 03. // Celia Doll; 04. // Wood Easel; 05. // Mini Guitar; 06. // Canvas Teepee; 07. // Stuffed Bunny; 08. // Teether Rattle; 09. // Play Kitchen; 10. // Modern Slide; 11. // Micro Scooter.



1. There are only 14 school days left until all 3 of the kids are home for the summer!! I can hardly believe how quickly this school year has gone!

2. Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I just love bringing fresh flowers home for the table. This is the first year I can put flowers on our coffee table without one of the kids coming and tipping them straight over!! Benefits of the youngest being 5.

 Melissa Barling Interior Design Vancouver Canada

3. If you know me personally, you'll know I don't wear earrings all that often. When I do though, I never regret it; earrings elevate a simple outfit so easily! Here are a few of my Spring favourites.

4. With windows this big and a ceiling this high,, this room really doesn't need anything to be incredible. This playroom is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. 

 Jenni Kayne playroom


5. Aspiring to remember these words all week long...

 quote about parenthood

Have a great week!

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