It's June and we're on the cusp of summer. The warm days and extra hours of sunshine mean summer days drift slowly and easily into summer nights on the patio or in the backyard. The kids are staying up later and us parents are settling into keeping everyone happy a little longer each day. One of the things I love most is creating places or opportunities for the kids to spend hours happily playing without needing constant attention. These three DIY summer projects for kids are sure to do just that.

We've done over these DIYs over the past few years and they have bought us hours and hours of endless fun and memories. The kids are already asking to do another lemonade / street stand this year!

If you're thinking of doing any of these projects in time for the holidays, NOW is the perfect time to start!


children's scandinavian white playhouse
kids playhouse cafe

A couple of summers ago, we took our standard playhouse and gave it a little all over update. Nothing prepared me for how popular this little playhouse would become, both online and at home in our backyard! It has been the centre of our playdates for the past couple of years and more cookies, milkshakes and ice cream scoops have been served up in the playhouse than in our real kitchen!

I detailed the entire playhouse project when we first completed it and I can't recommend this project enough. It's been SO worth the many cans of paint and hours it took as I know our children will have memories of this little house long after it's gone.


ikea table hack into kids lemonade stand
kids lemonade stand
kids lemonade stand DIY

Last summer our kids decided that they HAD to have a lemonade stand before the end of summer. On the last weekend of the holidays, we built this little lemonade stand using two IKEA Latt tables, a few extra pieces of wood and we made the lemonade sign using card stock and stickers. This one was a big win for quick and easy and turned into a full afternoon impromptu neighbourhood party. It was pure fun and the kids have ideas of a flower sale or veggie sale from our garden this summer. Wish me luck ;)


DIY giant pegboards in a children's art space
kids home art studio with DIY giant pegboard

Wanting a way to whittle away the hours when the sun is too hot or a baby is napping? Creating a kids art space is the perfect thing! While the room may not stay as tidy and styled as it looks here, the fun and creativity that stems from having a place solely dedicated to art is worth every drop of paint and sticky mess you'll be cleaning up. Free-for-all paint may not work for every parent and every family home but I love the adventure it brings when kids get to decide exactly what they want to make with the supplies provided. 

These are my favourite three home projects we've done so far that will create lasting childhood memories while keeping the kids entertained for endless hours. What other ways do you keep your kids busy in creative and imaginative ways over the summer? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Friday everyone!



DIY giant pegboard for kids art studio in vancouver, canada

Since posting our kids creative art space, I've been asked countless times where we found the giant pegboard! 

We didn't buy these pegboards but had them made especially for the space. Instead of replying to each one of you, I thought writing a short post explaining our process could help all of you if you are interested in creating this look for your own home.

I started by using this amazing tutorial and modified it by adding a second board behind the first so that we could have shelves that hold much more weight, as you can see in the photo below.

Once the wood was purchased and cut (thanks Home Depot!), the next step was marking out where the holes would go and we did this with a black Sharpie marker and level. I decided on making the holes 4 inches apart and at least 2 inches from each edge and ensured the top holes were started at the same point on each board (so that it would look right to the eye once mounted).

With two boards, it allows the dowel to go through both boards and will therefore hold more weight. I also wanted a way to know if the kids had pulled a dowel out without the entire shelf falling to the floor. So far, nothing has moved an inch so it seems the boards are very solid yet still appear streamlined!

DIY giant pegboard in kids art studio vancouver, canada

The boards are quite heavy and so the back board is drilled into a stud in at least one place on each pegboard and the front board is drilled onto the back board with a small piece of wood between to allow a bit of space and provide extra strength. All boards are sitting on a 2x4 at the bottom behind the storage drawers to add an extra support.

If you have any questions at all, please add them to the comments and I will answer them there!

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