It’s March and for us, that signals the start of ‘birthday season’, a time of year that launches Spring and always reminds me to get ready for Easter!

Last year, I shared a roundup of Easter gifts for kids and this year I thought it would be fun to share the EXACT items that are going into our Easter baskets!

While we do an egg hunt on the day, and are starting a tradition of drawing on a wooden egg each per year, I always like to leave a little basket of treats on their placemats at the breakfast table on Easter morning as a surprise and this is what is going in them this year.

Contents of an Easter basket for kids

01. // Easter basket; 02. // Bunny planter (for the twins’ room); 03. // Easter lego set; 04. // Mini Jellycat softie; 05. // The Country Bunny book; 06. // Mini eggs; 07. // Chocolate bunny; 08. // Bunny pjs; 09. // Striped pjs.