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They say love is all you need, but a baby crib is pretty handy too! Creating nurseries are the most special rooms that I get to have a part in because they are the space that you will bring baby home to and the space that you will spend countless hours rocking, feeding, holding and singing to your baby. So many memories are made right here in this special place and the crib is one of the first items you think of when you find out you're pregnant and your little one's first significant piece of furniture.

Plain white? Wood? Iron? Vintage? The options really are endless.

Today I've rounded up my favourite cribs that are gorgeous, functional and the perfect fit for your little one.  I love the detailing on number 8 and the four open sides on number 2. Which one is your favourite? 

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neutral baby cribs

01. // Casual baby crib; 02. // Gold baby crib; 03. // Modern baby crib; 04. // Iron baby crib; 05. // Lind baby crib; 06. // Wood baby crib; 07. // Upholstered baby crib; 08. // Mid-century crib.



Organic and neutral baby nursery in Vancouver

If you've been following along on my Instagram over the past couple of weeks (and if you don't, come follow!), you'll know that I've been busy decorating a new baby nursery. Well, this project is different than any I've done before as it is set up in a house to sell!!! That's right, this neutral baby room was set up entirely for staging a home.

Other than sharing the nursery reveal, I thought it would be fun to share how the space came together, how my thought process was different for this space given it is set up temporarily and most importantly, how to style your nursery to help with selling your home!

I started with two key pieces of furniture: the crib and the ladder shelf. Given the room is set up so temporarily, I left out a chair although if this space was going to be used with a baby, I would have moved the crib over and added one in. 

Here are my key tips for styling your baby's room for sale.

pillows in baby nursery
cloud mobile

Keep colours neutral:

When I saw the room, I knew that a simple white crib would be perfect and this one from Babyletto fit the space well. A white crib works perfectly for either gender and I wanted to keep the space neutral so prospective buyers could envision a baby boy or girl in the room. I just love this cloud mobile from The Butter Flying. This colour palette works equally well if you are setting your nursery up and waiting for the big day for a gender surprise too.

A simple white ladder shelf in a children's room

Make the most of the space but leave options: 

My goal was to make the small room feel bigger, to highlight how babies only need a few things and to show that by keeping the clothes organization elsewhere (there is a built in storage solution in the closet), you can keep the room tidy and calm. Although this space is quite minimal, this also enables the new owners to see that they could add in some of their own personal touches easily (such as a special photo on the wall or some art). The key here is to keep the paint soft and bright, bring in just enough furniture to give an idea and leave the window coverings open to enhance natural light.

shelves with baby clothes, books and toys in kids nursery

Add in some personal (but not too personal!) touches:

I wanted the prospective owners to feel connected to the space when they walk in. A few sweet baby outfits hanging usually bring the oohs and aahs and adding books and some simple toys could helps parents envision sitting and reading to their baby in this space. These little details also made me dream of snuggling a newborn again!!! 

If you love the soft, organic, neutral vibe that this nursery has, you can find all of the details to shop the look below. 

Design board for a neutral nursery



I am ridiculously excited to share our newest little clients' room, Rafael and Leonardo's shared baby and toddler boy room!!! Their gorgeous Mama contacted me when she was pregnant with her second baby in the hopes that we could maximize the space of her son's existing room to include the new baby. Although the room is small, I was confident that we could make it work and include the necessities for a new little one as well as the growing needs of her toddler son.

Rafa & Leo's shared boy room

As part of our initial consultation, we discussed how the family wanted this space to feel. The words used were, "uncluttered and calm". There were A LOT of toys, clothes and items that had been collected over the years since Rafa, the 2 year old, was born and in order to make sure this space could really feel uncluttered, we needed to ensure that the toys could be stored somewhere where they could easily be played with and also tucked away for bedtime. 

The beautiful Oeuf classic crib was the only piece of furniture that they wanted to keep from the old room and I have been dying to use this Oeuf vertical shelf since it came onto the market, so this presented the perfect chance!

rafa & leo's shared baby and toddler boy room

We played with different layouts until we came up with this one where the twin bed would cover a bit of the window. We wanted to maximize the floor space in the room to make sure the boys had a little play area. The key to making this work is that the bed is low to the ground as well as void of a footboard, so that the furniture really doesn't get in the way of the window at all.

I love how the beige star wall decals transform the main wall and give the effect of wallpaper (but have the ability to be easily removed).

The incredible baby mobile below was a find that Rafa and Leo's grandfather picked up on his travels in Greece and brought back for the room (seriously cool Grandfather I'd say!). 

flying man baby mobile

One of the things that we have to consider when designing baby and kids rooms here in Vancouver is ensuring that the room is 'earthquake safe'. It's not something any of us like to think or talk about but I love that this tall wall shelf can so easily be secured to the wall. Safe not only for that but also for little toddlers that like to pull and tug on things.

The boys' Mom and Dad love to go to local markets around Vancouver on the weekends and many of the beautiful accessories and toys on the shelf and around the kids' room are handmade by local companies, including this alphabet poster. It's so much fun to be able to use such special pieces in this space.

Oeuf vertical shelf in shared boys room

Rafael is currently obsessed with little finger puppets so we popped these into a bowl that he can easily access on one of the lower shelves. I love how easy it is to move toys around and rotate new ones on the shelves that he can reach.

Although he is only 2, Rafa is growing up in a musical family and adores playing different instruments. He loves this little guitar. Other instruments are in one of the baskets on top of the shelves so that they can easily be brought down when baby brother Leo is awake and easily put away during nap times.

Mini IKEA chair with guitar in kids room
finger puppets in kids room

You've seen me use these clear bookshelves in a previous baby nursery but I couldn't resist using them here too. In this case, as we were putting the shelves above the bed, I wanted to ensure the books were on shelves that they couldn't easily fall off of. I really do adore how these shelves allow the books to be featured as art.

Ubabub book shelves in baby and toddler shared boys room

As I mentioned earlier, so many sweet accessories by local companies were brought into this space, such as the gorgeous heart blanket from Yarning Made and the darling wooden animals from Trae Designs. You can find this sweet name banner from Sprig West and the custom growth ruler on Etsy.

trae designs wooden animals
Yarning made heart blanket in Vancouver baby nursery
Chalkboard closet doors in Vancouver baby and toddler shared kids room
handmade growth ruler by ecokidzrule on etsy

On the other side of the room you can see that we decided to turn the closet doors into a playful chalk board!!! I LOVE how these turned out and especially how Rafa and Leo's Mom decorated them for shoot day; just too cute. I imagine hours of fun here where Rafa draws pictures for his brother and one day baby Leo will be able to join in.

chalkboard closet in vancouver kids room

Have I told you that this is my dream job? This room was so much fun to create and I hope the result shows that. This is the room that so many adventures will happen in, sibling giggles, stories read, music played. I literally love creating spaces for little ones to make memories in.