Like crazy people (ha!), we are taking our kids camping in a tent for the first time this weekend. Don't get me wrong, my love of nature and the outdoors definitely extends to camping, we have just switched to cabins or house rentals when taking family 'outdoorsy' vacations over the past, um...8 years!!!

Well, no longer! The kids are SO excited and I'll let you know how it goes, but just for fun (it is Friday after all), I thought I would share a few of my favourite finds for camping that we'll be taking on our trip.

my favourite cute family camping gear

01. // Tabletop Grill; 02. // Magnifying Glass; 03. // Enamel Mug; 04. // Water shoes; 05. // 8-person Tent; 06. // Vacuum Bottle; 07. // Coffee Maker; 08. // Flower Press; 09. // Plaid Tablecloth; 10. // Folding Table.