Children’s morning routine chart

I think of organizing in the same way I do other mundane daily tasks such as laundry, packing the dishwasher and brushing my teeth. It’s totally not sexy, but it has to be done.

January is, without a doubt, the month we all seem to like a ‘fresh’ start. Resolutions, intentions, goals; whatever you call them, getting organized is so often part of it.

kids filling in morning chore chart

And…like all Moms around the world, I’m the same. Every morning the task of getting three kids up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, lunches and snacks made, hair brushed, breakfast eaten, bags packed, etc. happens in our home. Many times, I’m on my own doing it and some mornings, my husband does it all. Without a doubt, there are mornings that things are chaotic and messy, but some mornings things are (shockingly!) calm and smooth.

Once our girls started school, we noticed they were really looking for some structure in the things that they needed to do in the mornings. After a year of cold morning coffees and rush, rush, rush, I decided we needed a plan. This is where the ‘Morning Routine Chart’ made its’ grand entrance!

child completing morning routine chart
girls completing morning routine chart

I started with a simple list and some check boxes and then enlisted local artist Renske Werner to turn this free printable into something lovely enough that you would want it on your fridge or walls. You can find more of Renske’s beautiful illustrations on her Instagram account. Just save to your computer as you would an image and print out!

Morning routine chart free printable