Everyone loves an easy DIY and this one is just that! On a rainy Friday afternoon, with the help of my 4 year olds, we created this pretty Valentine’s Day tree. To make it, you will need the following ingredients…

You’ll need:

-       paper (construction paper didn’t work well; scrapbooking paper is great)
-       scissors
-    stapler
-       string
-    tree branches
-       spray paint 

pretty hearts.jpg

Here’s how:

1.     Take your tree branches (make sure they are perfectly dry) and spray them with white paint (or gold, or any colour you wish).

2.     Have your kids help cut strips of varying sizes in various colours (we used white, gold, and a variety of leftover pink patterned papers.

3.     Fold the paper in half,  then pinch in the open top to make a heart shape.

4.     Staple!

5.     Tie string and hang on your tree.