sweet cloud blanket with cloud mobile

(Cloud mobile by The Butter Flying, Cloud blanket by Humbleweave)

Last month, I went through all of our kids' clothes and toys from the past five years and got rid of everything that I didn't think we'd need anymore. To say that this was an emotional experience is a severe understatement...I had no idea I would be so sad to part with those tiny pieces that all of a sudden signified SO MUCH!

Well, thankfully, I am still holding onto our Kalon Studios Caravan Crib. I just can't part with this crib...I'm not sure if it's the significance of it being for our third baby or whether it's just the beautiful design but I don't have the heart to sell it. 

Soooo, I figured I should put it to good use and show you what I'm using it for now as you may be in the same position as me with having a crib side laying around that could be put to good use as a blanket ladder!

Let's take a look at how beautiful it was when Xavier was a baby and the crib was being used in all of it's glory and also how sweet it was as a toddler bed after that. Perfection, right?

Caravan Crib in interior designer Melissa Barling's children's room
Kalon Studios toddler bed in Vancouver Interior Designer Melissa Barling's son Xavier's room

Well, this next idea happened long after Xavier's gorgeous Kalon Studios Caravan crib was dismantled and the toddler bed was being used in our playroom as a daybed for the kids, as below. 

playroom designed by WINTER DAISY KIDS

I had this novel idea that the rest of the crib could be used too...and so, in order to make the most of this beautiful piece in its' entirety, the sides have been turned into a blanket ladder, with Humbleweave's gorgeous cloud blanket showcased and ready to use.

crib side blanket ladder with humbleweave blanket

What do you think? Would you use your crib side as a blanket ladder too? 

*This post was created in collaboration with The Butter Flying and Humbleweave.