Every Monday I will be sharing some random things. They will be shared as a simple list and I'll be including different things each week with a bit more personal content. I hope you like it! 

1. When they think back to childhood, I hope treasure hunting at the beach is one of their fondest memories. I love these moments. With the first grey weekend signalling fall has truly arrived, it seemed fitting to add an extra layer of cozy with these gorgeous ponchos from Kindhood.

kindhood poncho
children's beach treasures

We hunted for sea glass, found the whitest shells, bright coloured rocks and enjoyed the quiet that is Kitsilano beach when the crowds of summer are gone. Kaia's little arm around Xavier makes my heart explode with happiness. These three are truly the best of friends.

ponchos for kids

2. Keva. Do you know it? It's a lifesaver in our house and entertains all three of our kids (sometimes at the same time!). The maple planks are so perfectly the same, I am in awe of the precision! 

playing with keva.jpg

3. I know it's going to start raining (and raining and raining!) soon. I stumbled across these super cute rainboots this weekend from Alice + Whittles

alice and whittles.jpg

4. I pinned this quote over the weekend and thought it was a great one to start the week with. 


Happy Monday!

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