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I can't believe our twin girls are 7!!! Over the past few years, I've shared Kaia and Noelle's birthday parties with all of you. Their 5th birthday with fairy crowns and a nature walk, their 6th birthday at a local art studio and this year, for their 7th birthday, they wanted something at home. So...with just a few friends and some pretty decorations (as well as an incredible magician!), we had a party that not only celebrated another year of having our joyful children in the world but also ticked the box as "the best birthday party we've ever had Mama!".

twin 7-year-old birthday 
Birthday Cake.jpg

I've learned over the years to keep the decorations to one spot that is well lit. We opted to use our everyday console table and throw a white tablecloth on it. Using three cake stands (that we use for so many occassions), we filled the brown paper bags with popcorn and the cake took its' prized position in the centre. We added a few flowers in jars (I love eucalyptus and baby's breath) and picked up a few blush coloured roses to match the balloons. 

7-year-old birthday girls waiting for friends in 'daughter dresses'
filling party favours

While the girls waited at the window for their friends to arrive, I filled simple paper bags with party favours. 

Happy Birthday letter board sign

Once the kids arrived, we had a magician come to the house for a magic show, which was great fun and lots of laughs. The kids were even taught a trick of their own at the end. After all, parties are all about the fun, which this day was full of.

happy birthday grey letter board sign

A big thank you to my sister Amanda from Amanda Haddow Photography for capturing these photos perfectly.





birthday girls on 5th birthday

My twins turned five a few weeks ago. Five years old. For some reason, this hit me hard! My tiny preemie girls are ALREADY FIVE. Gasp. Deep breaths. How does the time go so fast?! 

Kaia and Noelle are two of the most social, crowd loving kids I know. They love people and being around them. They wanted a big party, with lots of their friends, music and lots of decorations. They also LOVE exploring, walking and playing in the forest (thanks to having this at our doorstep in Vancouver). We decided on a forest party, at Stanley Park’s Ecology Society, where a space with beautiful natural light and lots of room to run around was available. For an hour, they take the kids (and parents if they want) into Stanley Park for a forest discovery walk, where the kids were fully in awe and happiness discovering all the creatures the forest has to offer. If you are looking for an amazing party venue in Vancouver, this one is perfect for so many ages! 

crown table

These simple DIY fairy and elf crowns added a little fun for the kids and got them into the mood for the outdoor part. 

kids party table with balloons
fairy crown
wooden butterfly
number 5

After some simple instructions, our girls and thirteen of their friends headed into the forest for a little exploration and learning (did you know a woodpecker wraps its' tongue around its' brain to protect it when pecking?!...I had no idea!).

kids in forest
kaia forest
looking at bugs in forest
looking at trees in vancouver forest

The kids loved the forest; where they learned to identify a few birds by sound, use magnifying glasses to see what lives in trees, went on a bug hunt, explored different smells in logs and trees and played a couple of games. After lots of fresh air and outdoor exploration, they came back for lunch and the most beautiful and delicious cake (thanks Butter Bakery!) surrounded by these lovely Gypsy Petal flowers (so excited to be able to reuse these over and over again!).

cake table 5th birthday
place setting
blowing out candles

After lunch, we kept it simple – music, lots of balloons and a balloon tent, which ended up being the least expensive and most fun thing ever for a party. The kids ran in and out, danced and threw balloons. Overall, I'd say it was a success.

kids playing with balloons
family at birthday party

Happy Birthday beautiful girls! You have added so much magic to our lives over the past five years. We love you!

Photography by Jo + Bo Photography and Melissa Barling

If you were wondering how to achieve the same look, here are the sources!

twin girls birthday party

01.// Party tent; 02.// Fig leaf plant; 03.//Mylar number 5 balloon;  04.// Giant blush balloon; 05.// Fairy crowns DIY; 06.// Helium balloons; 07.// Hydrangeas; 08.// Paper straws; 09.// Kid size table and chairs; 10.// Dot napkins (similar); 11.// Paper plates (similar).