Last Spring over a long weekend, I decided to redo our little wooden playhouse and give it a new lease of life with white paint. I had NO idea how popular this little project would become and am so thankful that so many other people have embarked on their own playhouse projects using ours as inspiration! Very fun.

Just the other day, I was sent an email telling me that our exact playhouse is no longer available and I should change the link in our 'get the look' post to something new. After looking around to see what I could find, I figured I'd share this year's playhouse picks that would work well for this project.

So, if you are up for a weekend with a lot of paint (I find painting therapeutic!), a weekend of fun and a big 'WOW' at the end, I've rounded up my pick of wooden playhouses perfect as they are or ready to transform into your own special backyard play space for the summer.

Happy Friday friends!

wooden playhouses for kids