Have you ever stumbled across something that makes your heart skip a little beat? That you look at and are blown away by? That makes you feel like you just HAVE to share it with your friends? This gorgeous book, Mindful 1, 2, 3, written and illustrated by Tamara Hackett of Sweet Clover Studios did just that for me. I LOVE it...and am so excited to share the creativity, beautiful words and dreamy watercolour illustrations with you!

Mindful 1,2,3 book cover with tulips

When I received the book, I opened it to find the sweetest words to go along with a simple concept of counting and numbers. Tamara's mission is to create purpose-filled resources for children and educators and this book is the perfect tool to initiate conversations about mindful moments in life, all while counting numbers! I found that my shoulders relaxed a little and my own mind switched to calm with each page I turned. When I read it to the kids the next day, they seemed to feel the same way. 

little boy reading  book
Mindful 1,2,3 book by Tamara Hackett

Here is an example of number 3, a page filled with words every child would love to hear.

inside the book Mindful 1,2,3 by Tamara Hackett

Not only an enriching book unlike any counting book I've come across before, it looks beautiful on the bookshelf along with other treasures in the girls room too!!!

styled shelves in kids room
Mindful 1,2,3 book on shelf

Tamara has kindly shared a freebie to go along with the book that I'm sure your kids would love. If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find both the hardcover version and softcover versions below.

Buy the hardcover here!

Buy the softcover here!

I'd love to hear your thoughts...are you enjoying the new column about books we love?