the kids in merino wool pajamas from simply merino

My love of merino wool started years ago, when I had my first top for winter that was not only cozy, but also so very warm. I could run in it, snowboard in it, sleep in it, you name it. Cozy and warm is literally winter perfection!

Simply Merino is that exact combination in kid's pajamas! Cozy, warm, breathable, adorable and they come in the sweetest colours that will keep any mama happy. These children's clothes are not only designed right here in Vancouver, but are manufactured locally too. 

girls in merino wool pajamas from simply merino
wooden horse with detail of pink merino wool pajamas

Don't know anything about merino? Well, it is literally a sort of miracle material that keeps you warm when you're cold and cool when you're warm. Amazing, right? Let me explain how this will help you mamas out there. When wearing merino wool, babies and children's body temperatures are more regulated, which in turn keeps kids happier, settles babies more quickly and can even enhance sleep. Did you hear that??!! Anything to get us a little more sleep I say! It is especially important to dress babies appropriately as they can not regulate their own body temperatures.

It is also naturally fire resistant (therefore avoiding the chemical fire retardant sprays that are used on traditional wool), hypoallergenic and sustainable, healthier for our little ones all around. 

xavier in simply merino
kids in simply merino

If the overwhelming advantages of merino wool don't sway you, have a look at the lovely fit on my children. They rave about how cozy the pajamas are and I love that the cuffs on both the arms and legs are a good fit so that they will stay tucked in on the ski hill. I can't wait to use these as a base layer for the kids this winter. I also love that they have sizes all the way up to 12! Overall, these merino wool outfits from Simply Merino are a huge hit with our family and I can't recommend them enough. 

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*This post was created in collaboration with Simply Merino. All words, photos and opinions are my own.