Neutral nursery with pillows in crib

I can hardly believe how quickly the summer is flying by. With our year of cool weather here in Vancouver, it really feels like summer has only just started and we are already at the end of July! With the kids home more, I have been spending less time on the blog and more time in the backyard playing frisbee, making mud pies and eating popsicles. I mean, it is summer after all.

daybed in girls room

If you caught my post on Instagram this week, you will see that I finished a new little neutral nursery (top photo of this post) and the reveal is coming next week. In preparing for this, I found myself searching for pillows for the room as well as for e-design clients and thought you might like to see some of my favourites that I found along the way. I mean, everyone can use a cute new pillow or two for the kids, right?!

Happy Friday friends. I hope you are savouring the sunshine and the extras hugs with the kids if they are around more, like mine are.

Winter Daisy picks pillows for kids rooms

01. // Tassel pillow; 02. // Patterned square; 03. // Star pillow; 04. // Washable moon; 05. // Sweet bunny; 06. // Pretty flora; 07. // Cloud pillow; 08. // Teepee pillow; 09. // House pillow; 10. // Pretty pink; 11. // Moon pillow; 12. // Bear pillow.


heart shaped pillows

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I've rounded up my top picks for heart shaped pillows.

1. For pillows that work anywhere in the house, these Atsuyo et Akiko pillows are perfect. They have the sweetest little pocket on the back that could easily work as a tooth fairy pillow!

2. Simple and white, this Numero 74 pillow is a classic.

3. Sequined, in two sizes and two colours, Atsuyo et Akiko adds a little glamour to the everyday.

4. For an instant pop of colour, run to IKEA to find this pillow that is perfect for any occasion.