under stair nook


It doesn’t take long for a mama to realize that kids—and mainly, all their stuff—take up WAY more space than you might expect. Between toys and books, highchairs and art supplies, finding calm in the logistical chaos is no easy feat.

But rather than contain a child’s space to a single room, I’m always so inspired by families who embrace creative solutions with playful nooks and crannies throughout their home. Think cozy built-in benches, innovative toy storage, closets-turned nursery spaces, and more. Not only are these clever crannies fun for kids, but they help maximize every square inch of your home.

So whether you’re a city family tight on space or just looking to infuse some whimsy in your current layout, design a few unexpected hideaways for the kiddos and you’ll have the coolest house on the block—guaranteed.

Built-in Bed
Work around slanted ceilings with an adorable bed build right into the wall. Space dilemmas, solved!

nook bed in kids room


Sneaky Toy Storage
Your home’s nooks and crannies make the perfect hiding spot for toys. I love how this space cleverly disguises storage underneath a window bench.

kids storage bins under a window bench


Nursery Hideaway
This master bedroom doubles as a nursery by converting the closet to a darling nook for baby. Add some wallpaper, shelving, a mini crib, and voila!  

closet nursery nook


Book Reading Bench
Imagine how much fun your little ones would have crawling into a bench just their size. Toss in a few comfy pillows and you’ve got the ultimate reading spot for their imaginations to run wild.

simple reading bench


Kid-Sized Seating
Don’t let dead space go to waste! Include a playful seating nook in your child’s bedroom where they can lounge, read, or dream up their next big idea.

paint defines kids nook


Any specific nooks or crannies pique your interest? I’d love to hear what clever hideaways you have tucked inside your home!