watercolor duvet cover

Watercolour has long since been a medium for artists and the trend has certainly paved its' way into home interiors in a BIG way too! I love all things watercolour and realize that I often reach for it when i'm at a shop looking around. 

Part of the fun of kids' spaces is getting to try out trends in a small or big way. See how you can use watercolour in your own children's rooms below.

1. Wall Decals (via Urbanwalls)

watercolour decals in bedroom

Wall decals are such an easy and effective way to change the look and feel of a room and these watercolour decals add a soft and lovely feel to this teen bedroom. If you don't think you'd love this forever, don't worry...just peel off!

2. Art Prints (via Etsy)

With so much emphasis on kids rooms, it's no surprise that kids art has become incredibly popular too. Watercolour prints have always been and will continue to be big in kids spaces (so much fun to make prints too!).

3. Wallpaper (via mommodesign)

cactus wallpaper in kids room

This cactus wallpaper by Anewall has become a fantastic way to add colour to a modern monochrome kids room and shows how watercolour can be used to create HUGE impact.

4. Sheepskin Rug (via Lulu & Georgia)

sheepskin watercolor rug

Why not add a splash of colour while adding a soft sheepskin to your space? This watercolour sheepskin rug is truly unique!

5. Blanket (via Etsy)

watercolor blanket

A blanket is the perfect way to add a bit of watercolour to a baby nursery, and this one is so sweet. 

What do you think? Could you see yourself using watercolour in your own home decor? If you like the idea of adding a few watercolour items to your kiddies rooms, I've rounded up some of my favourites below. 

WINTER DAISY picks watercolor

01.// Flamingo Art Print; 02.// Watercolour Wall Print; 03.// Watercolour Quilt ; 04.// Watercolour phone case; 05.// Watercolour Raindrop Pillow; 06.// Watercolour Rug; 07.// Watercolour Wallpaper; 08.// Watercolour Note Card.