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In the same way as a necklace adds that final touch to an outfit, a garland adds that final touch to a children's room. They come in so many different styles and literally the entire spectrum of colours; there really is one for everyone. Since garlands can dress up everything from a picture on a wall to a book shelf or even a set of hooks, I thought it would be fun to share how different garlands can change the vibe of a room and 25 of my favourites from Etsy!

Cloud garland in children's room

This simple cloud garland by The Full Nest is perfect for a neutral nursery or for a playroom where you are looking for a little pretty that could literally be used anywhere. This would be ideal for a nursery where the gender of baby isn't known and would also make the perfect gift for a mama-to-be!

tassel garland in children's room

Look how much impact this tissue garland by Gen Woo has!!! It is just so pretty!!! This garland not only adds a little fun in this room, it is versatile enough to use for party decor and a nice safe option for above a crib.

yarn garland in kids bedroom

This Jae to the Wall yarn garland is so sweet and subtle that it could literally work anywhere! I love how the texture adds a little oomph to the wall and ties in nicely with the rug and blanket. 

In case you were wondering, Etsy literally has thousands of garlands on offer and SO many are just darling. I've rounded up my top 25 below...which is your favourite?

25 favourite garlands for kids rooms from Etsy

1./ Bead garland; 2./ Heart garland; 3./ Tassel garland; 4./ Animal garland; 5./ Sheep garland; 6./ Mountain garland; 7./ Leaf garland; 8./ Flag garland; 9./ Felt garland; 10./ Star garland; 11./ Yarn garland; 12./ Feather garland; 13./ Cloud garland; 14./ Wool heart garland; 15./ Pom pom garland; 16./ Glitter garland; 17./ Rain garland; 18./ Neutral garland; 19./ Beige star garland; 20./ Drop garland; 21./ Boxwood garland; 22./ Snow tassel garland; 23./ Flower garland; 24./ Scallop garland; 25./ Pink grey garland.

* Thank you to our friends at Jae to the Wall, Full Nest Design and Gen Woo for making this post possible.

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