There are some things in life that you really don't need, but make parenting that much easier. Enter kids chairs. Sure, you can live without ever having one, but seeing toddlers at a table their own height with a chair their size is not only super useful, but yes, SUPER cute too.

child-sized table and chairs in playroom
modern kids chair in playroom

Source: Style Your Senses

When looking for a chair (or set of chairs) for your little one, think about its' purpose. Is it going to be for their bedroom? A spot to rest with a book? Or will it be next to a table and need to be upright? When considering what to go for, I like to say that functionality always comes first. A good chair for a table set should be wipeable whereas one in a bedroom for reading can really be any style you want!

kids canton chair in playroom
ghost chair in children's art space

These chairs are some of my favourites; practical next to a toddler sized table or right at home in a corner along with a good book wall

Modern (and super cute!) kids chairs

01. // Rabbit Chair; 02. // Rattan Lounger; 03. // Black Chair; 04. // Mini Panton; 05. // Classic Riviera; 06. // Handmade Chair; 07. // Modern Bistro; 08. // Gray Wood; 09. // Aculpulco Chair; 10. // Ghost Chair.