light children's house bed

Source: Bonnesoeurs

 kids house bed frame in boys room

It's Friday and for my next project, my client has asked for a house bed for her son's room!!! With that request, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my inspiration for this fun bed idea.

I love the simple lines of the house bed and how such a simple concept adds so much impact. This bed draped with a sheer curtain provides a cozy canopy for any little one. 

 house frame floor bed in girls room

Design: Oh Eight Oh Nine

Having a bed directly on the floor is the most common style but a house frame bed can also have legs so that there is air flow beneath the mattress too. I love this bed below for that!

 crate and kids house bed

Source: Crate and Kids

There are so many variations and the little chimney is a cute addition, as seen here.

 house bed frame in green boy room

If you are looking for a house bed for your own home, here are my top three favourites:


While there is nothing new about using chalk on a wall for kids, there are SO many more ways you can use chalkboard paint or even decals. Today, I'm sharing some of my favourite ways to incorporate this paint; so simple but adds big impact and fun to each space! Summer is the perfect time to try this as paint dries quickly in this nice warm heat :)


One of my favourite features in Miles' room is the chalkboard fireplace. While he's still too young to use it, it's already serving its' purpose of providing a safe (and cool!) cover for the fireplace that he was getting into. 

 Chalkboard fireplace in Vancouver kids room

When he's a little bit older, the pillows will be moved and he'll have a new play feature he didn't know existed in his room!

 fireplace in Miles room

Miles' Nursery


There is often wasted space behind where a door opens and the idea of hanging a framed chalkboard just makes sense. I love how simple it would be to customize this to the perfect size for your wall.

 chalk board behind door in kids room

Sissy + Marley


When I created Rafa and Leo's room, our biggest challenge was space. This small room needed to house not one, but two growing boys and their toys, books and play space!!! The idea for these chalkboard closet doors came as we were brainstorming ideas on how to make the biggest playful impact in this space space. This family has sent me photos of how they've used this closet to write special messages on throughout the years which literally makes my heart so happy. I love knowing the spaces I create add to the memories the kids will hold forever!

 chalkboard closet doors in shared boys room in vancouver, canada

Rafa + Leo's Shared Room


I keep meaning to do this in our own backyard because I think our kids would love it so much, but until then I'm sharing my favourite inspiration for an outdoor chalkboard that screams FUN!

 outdoor chalkboard for kids

via Pinterest


Use chalk paint to define a play area for kids! I love this idea as it keeps the chalk contained while providing a super cute backdrop for a toys area, like this one.

 chalk paint defines corner play area

Emily Henderson Design

Happy Friday everyone!


Happy Friday! This week I felt inspired to share some of my favourite kids bathrooms from around the web. While a dedicated bathroom for children is definitely a luxury, I love these bathrooms for not only their gorgeous aesthetic, but the practicality of them too.

How genius is having a built-in stool under the vanity to pull out for your child? I love this idea to avoid the bulk of a step stool and also how easily it can be tucked away and out of sight.

 little girl bathroom with pull out vanity stool

Caitlin Wilson Design

These extra wide tiles make this small bathroom feel bigger and I love how the animal art and stool turn it into a kids bath while these items can be easily changed as children grow.

 kids modern contemporary bathroom with animal print art

Kristina Crestin Design

I love the rattan mirrors here; they add a nautical theme while still being so pretty and practical!

 shared kids bathroom

Monika Hibbs

How sweet are these personalized step stools? These are adorable and would be such an easy DIY!

 personalized kids stools in kids bathroom

Waterleaf Interiors

I'm loving the extra wide sink here and how easy it would be to squeeze two kids on one sink with this feature. Space saving (versus two sinks) and super functional too.

 pull out stool in kids bathroom


Cheers to the weekend!